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Tax Accountant MS in Accounting. 12 months of exp. in general accounting at a CPA firm. Well verse in financial statements, corp and indiv accounting. Job Loc: Richardson, TX. Send resume to Amna Paryani, CPA. 920 Abrams Rd. Richardson, TX 75081 Date Posted: 01/22/2015

USA Accounting and Tax Partners
888 S Greenville Ave Suite 118
Richardson Texas 75081


USAATAX is the leading provider of tax and accounting  productivity solutions and has been chosen by over one-third of the top accounting firms and Business owners  in America to increase profitability and improve customer service



USAATAX enables you to prepare tax returns and accounting and writ up at up to half the cost without sacrificing quality or control



USAATAX provides a virtually limitless capacity to process returns and grow your tax and accounting practice.USAATAX processes returns and write-up in two to three business days with an option for one day turnaround



USAATAX provides Corporate fillings within 12hours with the federal EIN and Bylaws and initial minutes.




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